Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A broad united front emerges

Following are statements by Independent Bloc leader and Bayan Muna Rep. Satur C. Ocampo on the march-rally near the Batasan held today:

“The killing of the impeachment is a frustrated murder of the oust-Arroyo movement.

“The events in the House only propelled the formation of various alliances and coalitions now composing a broad united front against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. They are justly outraged by the sell-out and cover-up.

“The emergence of the broad united front against Mrs. Arroyo proves that there is hope beyond her disgraced presidency.

“Today’s march is a preview of things to come. People Power may or may not happen today, but rest assured, it will eventually come. More and bigger demonstrations are needed and this is where the broad united front could perform a crucial role.

“Malacañang spokespersons only have themselves to fool when they say People Power would not happen at all. To them, I say: Don’t be too sure. Two overly-confident presidents have been dealt lessons in humility and justice by People Power. What more an illegitimate president whose allies killed a constitutional process seeking her accountability?

“I take exception to the baseless Malacañang spin that the people are tired of People Power. They are not. They are tired of traditional politics that champions cheaters, liars and thieves. They are tired of heavy taxes, high prices and low wages. They are tired of crime and acts of terrorism especially those by government. They are tired of the crisis-stricken Arroyo government. Contrary to Palace claims, People Power will provide the people relief and reprieve.

“The galaxy of political stars in the broad united front may be the starting point towards the setting up of a Transition Council that can replace the rotten and bankrupt Arroyo presidency. The leaders can start off by showing competence in leading the anti-Arroyo struggle until victory. Subsequently, a national assembly or conference must be able to draft a reform-oriented program of government and elect Transition Council leaders en route to Arroyo’s removal.

“To be superior to the previous ones, the next People Power must result in a government that shall provide power to workers, farmers and other democratic sectors and institute honest-to-goodness reforms beneficial to the people and not the kind of pro-imperialist and elitist reforms shoved down our throats by Mrs. Arroyo.”

House fails moral and political test

Following is the statement of Independent Bloc leader and Bayan Muna Rep. Satur C. Ocampo on the outcome of the House vote on the impeachment of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo:

“The people’s hope for truth and change has inexorably passed on from Congress to the Parliament of the Streets.

“The House leadership is obviously disinterested in the truth. Instead they preferred a cover-up. They harp on the Rule of Law but they obviously violated, misused and misinterpreted the Constitution and other laws in their pursuit of protecting the No. 1 Cheat, Liar, Thief and Human Rights Violator.

“Thus, the House leadership failed this signal moral and political test that sought their setting aside partisanship in favor of the greater good and the demands for truth, justice and public accountability. The events since yesterday confirmed yet again the widespread public perception of the House as a most reactionary institution, a chamber of patronage, a safe haven of and for the worst traditional politicians, protector of rogues, if not a rogue gallery itself.

“Indeed, it is now up to the people – the true final arbiter and source of all power – to determine the fate of Mrs. Arroyo. The President may be able to buy and influence the House but she cannot fool and escape the wrath of the people.”

Saturday, September 03, 2005

TXTPower urges texters, public to make last ditch text lobby

Dear texters and kababayans,

Join us in TXTPower in convincing Members of Congress to endorse the amended impeachment complaint against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Doing so will help the nation attain a truly good government that is honest, with integrity and transparency, and fully accountable to and in service of the people.

The challenge for us today is to make known to Members of Congress that we want no cover-up, that we want Mrs. Arroyo to have a fair trial in the Senate, and that we want all pieces of evidence to be presented in order to ferret out the truth. Our target is to obtain the support of more than 79 solons.

Taking inspiration from the power of texting in People Power II and the role of common people like us in social change, please find time to text your congressperson who may have not signed the amended impeachment complaint.

Here are sample text messages you may send:

1) Dear Sir/Madame: Be a champion of truth, fairness, integrity and good government. Don't be part of the cover-up. Pls. endorse the amended impeach raps against GMA. Thank you!

2) Congressman/woman, my family and I ask you to be our champion in Congress. We want the truth to come out. We do not want a cover-up. Pls. endorse the amended impeach raps against GMA. Thank you.

3) Congressman/woman, sana po ay kaisa kayo ng mga kababayan na gustong malaman ang katototohanan. Kung maaari sana, i-endorso ninyo ang amended impeachment complaint. Salamat po.

You may also email or call their offices. Congress Trunkline is (02) 9315001 while the website www.congress.gov.ph contains a directory of Congresspersons, their office addresses, their telephone and fax numbers and email addresses.

Our Congresspersons and more importantly, ourselves, should realize that the will of the people – who are the real sovereign power in the country – shall ultimately prevail.

For truth, justice and genuine change,

TXTPower Convenors


Jose Emilio A. Abaya (1st Dist., Cavite) 09175248404

Harlin C. Abayon (1st Dist., Northern Samar) 09178366153

Hussin U. Amin (1st Dist., Sulu) 09209600610

Luis A. Asistio (2nd Dist., Caloocan City) 09178112434

Augusto H. Baculio (2nd Dist., Misamis Oriental) 09189028638

Leovigildo B. Banaag (1st Dist., Agusan del Norte) 09189117255

Roseller L. Barinaga (2nd Dist., Zamboanga del Norte) 09177240093

Fergenel G. Biron (4th Dist., Iloilo) 09189047685

Belma A. Cabilao (Lone Dist., Zamboanga del Sur) 09189342989

Roberto C. Cajes (2nd Dist., Bohol) 09192838323

Carmen L. Cari (5th Dist., Leyte) 09183416823

Edgar M. Chatto (1st Dist., Bohol) 09173040391

Eufrocino M. Codilla Sr. (4th Dist., Leyte) 09173060176

Marcos O. Cojuangco (5th Dist., Pangasinan) 09189100571

Vincent P. Crisologo (1st Dist., Quezon City) 09174559982

Guillermo P. Cua (Partylist Coop-Nattco) 09189271092

Junie E. Cua (Lone Dist., Quirino) 09189190281

Baisendig G. Dilangalen (1st Dist., Maguindanao) 09213779890

Faustino DG. Dy III (3rd Dist., Isabela) 09178311311

Glenda B. Ecleo (1st Dist., Surigao del Norte) 09184136861

Conrado M. Estrella III (6th Dist.,Pangasinan) 09175372314

Catalino V. Figueroa (2nd Dist., Western Samar) 09176257483

Janette L. Garin (1st Dist., Iloilo) 09173023021

Oscar L. Gozos (4th Dist., Batangas) 09175043491

Joey D. Hizon(5th Dist., Manila) 09195835410

Gregorio T. Ipong (2nd Dist., North Cotabato) 09179797848

Eladio M. Jala (3rd Dist., Bohol) 09173040165

Uliran T. Joaquin (1st Dist., Laguna) 09188898888

Josefina M. Joson (1st Dist., Nueva Ecija) 09175665923

Danilo P. Lagbas (1st Dist., Misamis Oriental) 09177077624

Teodoro L. Locsin Jr. (1st Dist., Makati City) 09189183117

Jaime C. Lopez (2nd Dist., Manila) 09178408006

Emilio C. Macias II (2nd Dist., Negros Oriental) 09196945755

Maria Milagros Magsaysay (1st Dist., Zambales) 09178467881

Oscar G. Malapitan (1st Dist., Caloocan City) 09189385812

Hermilando I. Mandanas (2nd Dist., Batangas) 09178998828

Alfredo D. Maranon (2nd Dist., Negros Occidental) 09202155184

Rafael P. Nantes (1st Dist., Quezon) 09202901532

Herminia M. Ramiro (2nd Dist., Misamis Oriental) 09163900175

Jesus Crispin C. Remulla (3rd Dist., Cavite) 09189105809

Victoria H. Reyes (3rd Dist., Batangas) 09175397512

Joseph A. Santiago (Lone Dist., Catanduanes) 09189059099

Antonio M. Serapio (2nd Dist., Valenzuela) 09279122368

Rene M. Velarde (Partylist BUHAY) 09189416716

Romualdo T. Vicencio (2nd Dist., Northern Samar) 09177321847

Laurence B. Wacnang (Lone Dist., Kalinga) 09178178966

Antonio P. Yapha Jr. (3rd Dist., Cebu) 09168537920